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HCCI on Nikkei

I have worked closely with Dr Devi Shetty and his team at Narayana Hospitals for over a decade. The hospital has disrupted cardiac care and is replicating its innovations in other medical areas as well. The effort reached a major milestone this February with the launch of Health City Cayman


A pool for do-gooders

Here’s an op-ed published in Indian Express. The prospect of mandated corporate social responsibility (CSR), as directed by the India’s Companies Act, 2013, prompts revealing reactions from all and sundry. For the sceptics of organised, especially large-scale, enterprise, CSR is an oxymoron. For those who fear the encroaching hand of

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India has a large number of government-owned corporations. They are called Public Sector Undertakings, or PSUs, in India. World Bank and South


With Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai delivered the sixth annual Harish Mahindra lecture at Harvard, hosted by our South Asia Institute. He discussed several dozens of


Interview on Bloomberg TV India

Mini Menon of Bloomberg TV India interviewed me recently. From political compulsions and why we need creativity in policy, to interface of


A Sticky Wicket

Here’s an interview published on the Harvard Business School’s main website - A Sticky Wicket: India’s Economic Dilemma. The interview also has an


SAI – year in review

The South Asia Institute at Harvard has grown, intellectually, by leaps and bounds, and has engaged dozens, if not hundreds, of students,


Talk with BITS

I engaged with some excited and eager youngsters at BITS campuses earlier today, at their request. I think they had audiences at