Accountability gathering by SAI, New Delhi, July 10

The South Asia Initiative convened a gathering on accountability in New Delhi. It was fabulous to learn from Dr Quaraishi, the former chief election commissioner, how the world’s biggest elections, in the world’s biggest democracy, could be conducted flawlessly. Those who decry the quality or commitment of bureaucrats across the board have to wonder about this.

The event had bureaucrats, lawyers, academics, entrepreneurs, media and other parts of civil society in a tough, yet polite chat, about the issue that has lately taken thousands to the streets in country after country, corruption.

In this gathering of eminences, one could find individuals intent on wallowing in the intractability of the corruption problem; one could also find those more to my taste, entrepreneurs, intent on taking a stab at solving this problem, unperturbed by the idea that their solution-du-jour would most likely fail, but unless we all tried it, and others, how’d we ever make progress??

Some glimpses from the event:




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