At BRACU, Dhaka

I was in Dhaka with my daughter, Simran, 14 years old, as a guest of BRAC, the organization founded some forty odd years ago by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Abedbhai, as he is known there.  The organization is the world’s largest so-called NGO, non-government organization, and runs like a well oiled machine in a country where the government has had  a lot of trouble doing what governments are meant to do, that is, provide public goods. We witnessed, just as a small example, daily heavy rains, and immediate localized flooding due to very inadequate drainage systems even in the main thoroughfares, something one would have hoped the city government would have addressed, since Dhaka is no stranger to heavy rains.

Simran and I visited the ‘shasto shebikas,’ health workers, in a village near Dhaka, where some mother-child health counseling was underway, as well as a regular weekly meeting of one of BRAC’s microfinance groups, check the photos below.

The visit was covered by local media such as The New Nation, Time WatchDaily Sun and so on.



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