I am the Jorge Paulo Lemann Professor at the Harvard Business School. I have been a member of the school’s faculty since 1993. Take a look at my bio, current research and areas of interest, the HBS homepage, and the wikipedia entry someone has generously put together.

In addition to HBS, I serve as the Director of South Asia Institute at the Harvard University. Harvard as a major research university has not focused as much on South Asia as it has on other parts of the world – East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America – in past several decades. SAI is an attempt to remedy that in a focused manner. I strongly feel that a university-wide engagement can benefit our core mission, research and education, for all participants (not those interested in south asia per se), and also benefit south Asian institutions of all sorts.

This site consolidates most of my articles in various publications, books, teaching, and of course, my involvement with entrepreneurial efforts of various kinds.

Here is an interview done by Amrita Chowdhury of Harvard Business School’s India Research Center. The interview was done for the Lok Sabha channel.