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Can India Start-up Its Startups?

Two years have elapsed under Indian Prime Minister Modi’s administration.  This anniversary has been greeted by a flurry of commentary – on many aspects of legislative strategy, muscular diplomacy, and its penchant for branded programs – and of course by the administration’s own celebratory interim-victory-lap. But I’ll concern myself only


The Real Reasons We Should Celebrate India

It’s become fashionable to say that India is the only part of the BRICS set of countries that deserves adulation; only the “I” in BRICS is still standing. Current macro data and investor sentiment supports this point of view. Currency and stock markets are more robust than most and global media and India’s finance minister expressed


Letter from Santiago

Even richer emerging markets must continue to harness talent. Harnessing latent talent is a central part of any country’s economic development story. I was reminded of this multiple times traveling through Chile this past week. Chile has been Latin America’s success story, having graduated to a per capita income that


The Wind in your Sails

This post is part of my Thinking Like an Entrepreneur Series, where I attempt to distil my personal experiences for would-be entrepreneurs. Recognizing large patterns and trends in the environment is something that all entrepreneurs (and investors alike) want to do well. Such understanding can make a large difference; even