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Can India Start-up Its Startups?

Two years have elapsed under Indian Prime Minister Modi’s administration.  This anniversary has been greeted by a flurry of commentary – on many aspects of legislative strategy, muscular diplomacy, and its penchant for branded programs – and of course by the administration’s own celebratory interim-victory-lap. But I’ll concern myself only


Principles for Science-Based Entrepreneurship

I’m going to take the perspective of someone trying to build a business based on novel science (as opposed to the effects of science on a more, shall we say, mainstream business). This is hugely important for emerging markets, where generally the attention to science is still minuscule, and where the


Essential Start-Up lessons

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just launched the Start-up India scheme, first alluded to on Independence Day last year. In the interim five months, the aspiration, the reality and the stretch goal of this initiative have been coming into focus. First, the aspiration. As several entrepreneurs said at the event, we should


The Curation of Insights at Incubators

Axilor, now a year old in Bangalore, is dedicated to translating ideas into enterprise, fast. Of course, the world seems awash in ideas. Whether you access your information individually glued to your mobility device or tête-à-tête with like-minded souls, or consume it through video, audio or old-fashioned text, the challenge