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How Can We Make Incubators More Effective?

My earlier two posts (here and here) introduced the work of our Expert Committee on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, especially our Pyramidal model that is a guide to short- and longer-term actions to creativity and (job) creation. Here, I’ll discuss how to upgrade the network of incubators that have sprung up across the country, as

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Fail and pass

Here’s an op-ed titled ‘Fail and pass: Why Modi must take a cue from Li’s rhetoric‘ published by The Indian Express.  That India should not be afraid might seem an odd thing to say at a time when Indians are brimming with confidence. After all, it is the only one of the


Start-Up & Stand-Up India

On this Independence Day in India, I watched PM Modi’s address to the Nation in Delhi. The oration was spirited, as is normal with this PM, and the message reassuringly positive. Of course, the jury is out until there are results, but in the meantime, I want to highlight the