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Interview with Indiaspora

I did a radio interview with Indiaspora few weeks ago. Here’s a short note about it from their show episode page: Learn about his formative years in India. Dr Khanna talks about what brought him to the US. How mentors played an important part in his life and how he

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Aspiring Minds on K@W

Knowledge@Wharton published an article titled “Assessing Employability Is Disrupting India’s Higher Education Model“. The article is their take on our work at Aspiring Minds. It starts: More than 20% of Indian youth between the ages of 15 and 24 years are “seeking or available for work,” according to 2011 census

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Aspiring Minds on Economist

I have associated with Aspiring Minds right from the start. The company’s assessment system has now become quite successful. Their ‘National Employability Reports‘ are used by Indian and international media as authoritative references all the time. The Economist quoted Aspiring Minds in their ‘World in 2015‘ edition. The article, titled ‘India’s


HX for Allston lecture video

I recently delivered a public lecture on on the topic Think like an Entrepreneur: Taking a multi-disciplinary approach to exploring entrepreneurial opportunities. The lecture was largely based on what I think people should learn in my upcoming edX course Entrepreneurship and Healthcare in Emerging Economies, launching on October 30. Harvard Gazette had done  a news piece on

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Faking it

CEO of Harlequin Publishers in India, Amrita Chowdhury, commented on how my work can be used to understand and manage fraud in the art market. Amrita is the author of “Faking it“, an art crime thriller. Here’s an excerpt: “Borrowing from the world of business, Harvard Business School professor Tarun

Article on Huffington Post

Contextual Intelligence on Huffington Post

There has been a nice discussion on Contextual Intelligence since the article was posted on the HBR site. In the meanwhile, Cari Guittard wrote a piece about it on Huffington Post a few days back. She titled it You Can’t Be Successful Globally Without This… The post reads: Often overlooked and rarely explored

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Series on Bloomberg

Mini Menon of Bloomberg TV India did a 6-episode interview series with me. The series, called Lessons in Strategy, was telecast last month. The series covered a wide variety of challenges and questions faced by entrepreneurs, especially in emerging markets. Here are the episodes:   1 – Starting Out In

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A Harvard class experiment

I teach a very fun class at Harvard these days, that brings together scientists, data folks, economists, philosophers, businesspeople and design gurus, to brainstorm problems of so-called social and economic inclusion. In a recent iteration of this class, I had about 80 students in class. Since, in a previous iteration of