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How Can We Make Incubators More Effective?

My earlier two posts (here and here) introduced the work of our Expert Committee on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, especially our Pyramidal model that is a guide to short- and longer-term actions to creativity and (job) creation. Here, I’ll discuss how to upgrade the network of incubators that have sprung up across the country, as


Mapping Ebola

Some of my medical colleagues and I wrote this short piece to illustrate the use of cellphone data in tracking epidemics. We saw a spate of interest in this with the ebola threat. There will, sadly, be more, and crowded and infrastructure-challenged countries like India are particularly in trouble. Since

The Economic Times - Corporate Dossier, Pg 1, Sept 19

Contextual Intelligence on The Economic Times

The Economic Times published an article on Contextual Intelligence in Corporate Dossier. CD is a supplement that appears every Friday with the newspaper, aimed at the CEOs of corporate India, with a special focus on management and strategy. The article, titled “Reference to Context”, starts: Social scientists and leadership experts have always talked

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Faking it

CEO of Harlequin Publishers in India, Amrita Chowdhury, commented on how my work can be used to understand and manage fraud in the art market. Amrita is the author of “Faking it“, an art crime thriller. Here’s an excerpt: “Borrowing from the world of business, Harvard Business School professor Tarun

Article on Huffington Post

Contextual Intelligence on Huffington Post

There has been a nice discussion on Contextual Intelligence since the article was posted on the HBR site. In the meanwhile, Cari Guittard wrote a piece about it on Huffington Post a few days back. She titled it You Can’t Be Successful Globally Without This… The post reads: Often overlooked and rarely explored

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Contextual Intelligence

HBR published my article on Contextual Intelligence yesterday. The article generated a fair amount of conversation within the first 24 hours. The best place to join the conversation (I think) is the comments section of the article on HBR: do join in there. Here’s the executive summary: The author, a