Chennai, July 12

Sweltering heat, humidity, rains, though not as torrential as Mumbai these days.  I stay at the Park Sheraton, not because it’s a fabulous hotel, but because I like to run the loop around the Boat Club Road (a loop just outside the hotel). I’m amazed at how hard it is to cross the road though, to get from the hotel to my running loop.

There is a standard crossroads, but there is no pedestrian crossing. Perhaps there was one some time ago, and the ravages of time have eclipsed it.  but it’s not there now. and, more ominously, there is no gap between when traffic moving every which way gets to go. Every direction of motorists gets their way in sequence, but there is no time set aside for pedestrians. It’s abysmal.

So, like the others, I bobbed and weaved and made my way through fast moving cards and motorcycles and bicyclists, legitimately fearing for my life!  Why can’t we make a pedestrian crossing?

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