I participate in entrepreneurship of various forms, from large corporations, non-profits and social enterprises to startup companies.

GVK Bio, TVS Logisitcs, and SKS Microfinance - all headquartered in India – are board engagements.

I serve on the advisory boards of two non-profits - PRS India, which provides research support to Indian parliamentarians, and Boston-based Primary Source, which promotes history and humanities education.

I also serve on advisory board of Nanobiosym  a Cambridge MA based nanotechnology research center.

Similarly, I serve on the board of AES, an Arlington, Virginia, headquartered global power company with extensive footprint in emerging markets, especially in Latin America.

And like many of my colleagues and friends, I actively participate in shaping startup companies. Chaipoint and Aspiring Minds are two such companies. Both are based in India. Chaipoint, the relatively newer one, is serving tea – soon to be declared India’s national drink – with super high quality in super hygienic conditions, at near-street prices. Check out some articles by Entrepreneur India, Hindustan Times and Business Today.

On the other hand, Aspiring Minds has built a state-of-the-art assessment system, which we hope will be amongst the solutions that help solve a pressing problem in India. The company is already 200+ people strong, largest of its kind in India in terms of number of candidates evaluated, scaling in many ways, and has some very happy customers. Further, the Aspiring Minds’ National Employability Report is referenced by local and national media in India quite regularly. Check out some coverage of this work in Economist, Economic Times, Business Today and ET Now.

Here are some glimpses from Aspiring Minds and Chaipoint. Look at the queues outside Aspiring Minds test centers and many fora the young company is creating excitement in. And of course, don’t miss Chaipoint in action, reshaping how a tea-outlet-for-everyone looks like.