Fail and pass

Here’s an op-ed titled ‘Fail and pass: Why Modi must take a cue from Li’s rhetoric‘ published by The Indian Express. 

That India should not be afraid might seem an odd thing to say at a time when Indians are brimming with confidence. After all, it is the only one of the original BRIC economies that has not disappointed expectations recently. And Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just concluded his successful week-long swing through the United States, with excited members of the Indian diaspora cheering him on.

But ultimately the prime minister came to office on a wave of enthusiasm for his pro-enterprise and “can do” attitude, along with a track record as chief minister of Gujarat that was generally seen as having delivered prosperity. That is one important dimension on which he’ll be judged as he leads the nation. And the most significant indicator for improved prosperity in India has to be net job creation. With roughly 10-12 million net additions to the workforce annually for the next decade, it is clear that no amount of optimisation of existing enterprises, public sector and otherwise, is going to deliver this. Net job creation must go hand in glove with net enterprise creation — that is, it must be delivered by entrepreneurship and innovation.

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