HCCI on Nikkei

I have worked closely with Dr Devi Shetty and his team at Narayana Hospitals for over a decade. The hospital has disrupted cardiac care and is replicating its innovations in other medical areas as well.

The effort reached a major milestone this February with the launch of Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI). Cayman Islands is just 90 minutes away from Miami by flight.

Of course, this is going to immediately serve 40 million Caribbean residents who lack tertiary care that is affordable.  But, watch this ‘movie’ play out as those in the US are forced to pay attention.

The inauguration became a front-page story, one might come to wonder, as far away as Japan. Nikkei, a renowned publishing house, did a story on the Narayana Hospital effort. The story was originally published on the front page of their flagship paper Nihon Keizai Shimbun, and republished on their English website called Nikkei Asian Review.

One thing I’m trying to understand, and so should you, are the issues that emerging market entrepreneurs will have to deal with to challenge much larger, but slower moving, incumbents from the developed world.

Later, I will comment on the emergent India_Japan economic friendship, a separate topic worthy of the focus of financiers, governments, and even security mavens.

Here are two pictures taken at the launch.



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