My MOOC debut

I have been engaged in my Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) debut on edX over the last few months. The course, which goes live tomorrow, is being called “Entrepreneurship and Healthcare in Emerging Economies“. I am a huge fan of the MOOC concept and I think it is ushering a new era in education.

I’m doing the course with my good friend and colleague Dr Sue Goldie from Harvard. I’ve learned a ton from her. It is hard to find someone who travels as much as I do, or as adventurously, but she does!

Its been fun working with our team here and I hope course participants will enjoy the course as much. I am told we have crossed 10,000 registrations till now – my biggest class ever!

Course participants will be able to explore how entrepreneurship and innovation tackle complex health problems in emerging economies. The course will be of interest to a far broader audience in addition to those involved in healthcare directly. Do check and register.



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