Lecture by India’s Finance Minister

India’s Finance Minister, Hon P Chidambaram delivered a lecture co-sponsored by the South Asia Institute and the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard on April 16, 2013.

The FM spoke about what he referred to as the inevitable rise of the East, saying that the structural fundamentals were in place for this occur – referring, among other things, to pools of savings in countries like India, and a young and willing workforce. We had a wide-ranging discussion covering India’s social inclusion policies (towards historically marginalized or disenfranchised communities in India), India’s evolving role in the region, building especially on the history of India’s involvement in its near-abroad, and the much-discussed ‘roadshow’ that the FM has been engaged in for the past few weeks to tell the India economic story anew.

My colleague, Homi Bhabha, introduced the event, and I moderated a discussion with FM and with a robust and engaged post-lunch audience. Here’s a picture:




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