With Raghu Rai

Raghu Rai delivered the sixth annual Harish Mahindra lecture at Harvard, hosted by our South Asia Institute.

He discussed several dozens of his photographs, taken over fifty years as an accidental photographer 3334.lisacohen.2013-10-29(that is, one who meandered into photography after a civil engineering degree, and never left, fortunately for all of us), in an informal discussion with several community members this past Monday. He delivered the formal lecture on Tuesday, and that soon also became a discussion of sorts of what was in his ‘mind’ as he showed us several of his now iconic photographs – of the Bangladesh 1971 independence war, of Mother Teresa, of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and, most memorably for me, of ordinary people in the bustle or pensive atmosphere of daily life.

I was most struck by his statement that, after fifty years, he still has no magic finger, and each photograph is a labor of love and effort.



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